How To Explode Your Email Marketing Delivery Rate

Well, as I have spoken previously, I believe that email marketing is the best marketing platform to use for your business.

The Internet Marketer that builds a list and engages with it on a regular basis will do very well in IM.

I talked about this in a previous blog post that discussed some solid ways to engage your list, and you can read that post here.

Today, I wanted to talk a little about an excellent marketer named David Henry.

David has done some amazing work in creating a remarkable email marketing platform.

He created it as an alternative to the well known autoresponders out there, but as you will see, it’s better.

One of the problems that marketers deal with in this business is deciding what to use to deliver emails to their list.

It’s very important that you have a solid delivery rate for your emails.

Some of the autoresponders out there do this fairly well, but across the industry, open rates have been dropping.

And, some of the autoresponders that are available currently have pretty hefty monthly fees.

So, it can be a pretty costly endeavor especially for those that are starting out in this business.

As an email marketer, you certainly want those good open rates, but you’d rather not pay an arm and a leg for it.

Now, in order for an email to get to the inbox, it must pass all of the validation requirements, and if it doesn’t, it goes to spam.

Many of the big name autoresponders have a corner on the market because they manage to pass these requrements fairly well.

So, if you try to look for alternatives, you really run the risk of having poor email delivery.

Until now…

David Henry has created an email marketing platform that passes all of the various protocols of the ISPs, like Google, automatically.

So, his service delivers your emails to the inbox with a 95% delivery rate.

And you can send to thousands daily!

And his platform has NO MONTHLY FEES!

It’s a fully featured, end to end solution that also has additional features such as high converting funnels, lead magnets, training tutorials, follow up emails – the list goes on.

I consider this excellent product to be one of the best on the market, and I’d highly recommend that you investigate it for yourself.

It’s called Inboxing Pro Plus and you can find it here.

All The Best,

Loy Puckett

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