Best Email Engagement Techniques

Email Engagement

While you are building an email list, it’s important to be working on the ways that you will engage your list. Some of the ways to do this are asking questions, telling stories, mentioning current events, trying to relate to things through their eyes. A subscriber to your list will be more interested in reading your emails when they see something interesting or valuable to them. Sharing your experience, ideas, goals also help to build the relationship and generate trust.  

Good customer service

Make every effort to communicate to your list that you are available to answer questions and provide help when they need your assistance. The reason is that it will improve your business when you are approachable and responsive. When a customer does not receive an answer to a question, they immediately begin to make second guesses. This can ruin a relationship and lead to loss of business. So, make every effort to be responsive and helpful to your clients in a timely manner. You certainly want your own questions answered as quickly as possible, so do that for your customers, as well.  They will appreciate it tremendously. To reiterate this point, you really need to be even more responsive to your buyers. Your buyers are clients that have shown loyalty to you, and you want to maintain that loyalty, as well as fortify it. If you continue to build that relationship with that buyer and you further that trust, they are more likely to buy from you again. And, the second purchase is likely to be for a higher amount than the first. So, you see how you get the snowball effect to work in your favor. It’s very, very important to do this with your clients.

Add Some Comedy

When you add funny stories, funny remarks, funny subject lines to your emails, you get more readers. Even if you only do it every now and then, it will give your engagement a simple boost. Sometimes it can be the difference in making a sale. Your list will stay with you longer. They will read all of your email (especially if it is longer). They will go back and read your previous emails that they didn’t read before. Suddenly, you have a connection that makes that subscriber have more interest in you, and they want to read more of your emails. You then get more opens and more chances to make sales. So, make sure to be adding that comedic element to your emails. It will help a ton. ======================================================================================= My friend, Andy Waring is an accomplished email marketer, and someone I trust. Andy has created some excellent products and is someone that always has great content. He really knows the right way to create emails that connect with subscribers. One of his products that I highly recommend is AutoResponder Mail Magic. With it you’ll have the keys to creating a successful email – one that connects, informs, and converts. And, as a little added bonus, you can get a discount at the checkout. See all the details here.

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