Let’s Do Some Sleuthing – My Product Funnel Sleuth

Let’s get right into it, shall we?

Calling all Detectives, all sleuths, all seekers of the clues to find your answers.

Time to put on your deerslayer hats, grab your pipe and magnifying glass, and begin the work to solve the mystery of sales funnels.

The anticipation is there. I know you can just sense it.

Now, all you need to do is begin the task.

My guide, Funnel Sleuth, is the blueprint you want in your back pocket as you begin gathering the clues to creating your master sales funnel.

So, why do you want a sales funnel?

Some of you know that answer well, but others may be scratching their heads.

The question is valid in either case.

In the IM world and MMO niche, the sales funnel is the foundation of your business castle.

Everyone knows that a solid foundation will support a structure worthy of stability and promise.

A weak foundation is like a house of sand. It crumbles and falls at the slightest pressure.

With that in mind, it’s wise to create the best sales funnel to promote a lasting business.

But, when you undergo that process…

How do you avoid the pitfalls?

How do you make sure you have the key elements?

How do you have an edge over the competition?

How do you do these things?

You put on your Detective hat and find the clues that lead to the answers.

And open up your guide, Funnel Sleuth.

Here’s what you get with Funnel Sleuth…

– learn to read your customer’s mind and get them what they want

– avoid the mistakes that anger customers

– how to extract more cash from your sales funnel with simple tweaks

– learn the transition from your funnel to a solid relationship with your customers

– keys to making more sales by satisfying your customers needs

– ways to make your life easier with these sales funnel techniques

This is information that the finest sleuths have strived to find, but no one has had access to the secrets in Funnel Sleuth.

Until now.

Now, you can get Funnel Sleuth at a steal.

But, watch out so you don’t get arrested by law enforcement for carrying out this theft.

They’ll be looking for you because you’ll be getting away with grand larceny.

Funnel Sleuth is way cheap from December 17th to the 20th.

After then, the price goes back up (although it’s still an excellent value).

Here’s where you can get it.

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