Can You Really Just Copy A Done For You Funnel?

If you’re going to increase traffic to an offer, one of the basic things that you must do is make that product your own.

You must brand it in such that it will be unique thereby identifying you and separating yourself from the crowd.

But, if you don’t have your own product, you can still get started with something like a done for you funnel.

What follows is some advice about branding and using these types of funnels for your business.

Why It Might Be Easy

The done for you funnel can be an easy sell for many marketers because many people are looking for answers to the problem of having something to sell.

This type of funnel solves many of their problems and can make it very easy to get up and get started with online marketing.

But, the question is, can you just copy these done for you funnels and expect to be able to have success and make sales.

An Example And The Problem

For example, if you simply buy a done for you funnel on a particular weight loss product, you have to understand that it won’t work to just follow the simple directions on how to get the funnel uploaded and set up for monetization.

The thing you are forgetting is that when you do this, you have a major problem.

What about the competition?

If you don’t modify the product to have the qualities that set it apart from others, the competition will eat you alive, and you won’t have any profits.

You won’t have sales and you’ll just be out the money you spent for the product.

What You Should Do Instead

Here are some things you should consider changing.

The product name, the graphics on the sales page, the lead magnet ie: if it’s written, make a video; if it’s a video create a report – these all need to be changed.

These are just a few things to mention up front, but the more things you modify, the more you brand it as your own.

Get used to doing this because this is a natural way to introduce your own expertise and your own influence.

This is the way to elevate your status in your niche.

Think Even Further Down The Path

Although, the done for you funnel can be a big help to someone who is looking to try to jumpstart getting a product out there and getting a buy button up, it really needs to be just the starting point.

You need to spend some energy to either mold the done for you product into your own product with your own branding, or you need to put energy into creating your very own product.

What Your Own Product Can Do For You

When you have your own product to sell, you get a multitude of benefits.

You get all the profits, your buyers have now experienced your product, and if you’ve delivered quality content and value, you’ll have customers that have gotten to know, like, and trust you.

These are customers that you care about, and it will be easy for you to connect with them.

You will naturally have a desire to help them further, and if they know, like and trust you, they will buy from you again.

It’s a set up for success.

But, you probably wonder, “Isn’t creating my own products and funnels a lot of work?”

Yes it is, and that’s why you should consider cheating a little by using a “Done for You” funnel.

But let’s not get too far ahead. The next thing you need to grasp are the simple secrets of a winning funnel…

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