Affiliate Marketing Points

I thought that I’d write a post about one of my passions which is affiliate marketing.

I wanted to share with you what I feel like is exciting about affiliate marketing and what I feel like is somewhat difficult about affiliate marketing.

These are my opinions, and others may disagree, however I wanted to share my particular point of view.

Simply put, affiliate marketing is when you market somebody else’s product, and they pay a commission to you on a successful sale.

Most people know this, however many don’t really understand how affiliate marketing is both simple and complex.

Some people have a very difficult time getting started in affiliate marketing and others have a bit of an easier path.

It can sometimes be difficult to become established as an affiliate for someone’s product. (I have certainly had this difficulty myself).

Other times it can be very simple to join as an affiliate for a product.

The real key is to get started with it, and then momentum will carry you along to where you are able to become an affiliate for multiple products.

Of course, the thing that is the most exciting about affiliate marketing is making sales.

It is very satisfying to market a product that sells like hotcakes.

Now, finding that great selling product is very tough sometimes, but I think my problem, at times, has been that I have had difficulty focusing on finding the hungry customer first and then finding the product.

I tend to do it the other way around.

Yet, I feel it would be wise to adopt the style of finding the buying customer first and then sell them the product.

Another difficult issue is that sometimes there is a bit of a disconnect that occurs from the actual marketing process of getting a customer to an affiliate offer and the conversion of the customer to buyer status.

Some would say that the conversion percentage is going to be mostly based upon the quality of the sales page.

Others would say that the conversion percentage is more dependent upon the initial relationship that’s created between the affiliate and his/her lead.

Over the time period that I have been involved in affiliate marketing, I have become more of a believer in the sales page quality being the bigger driver of conversions.

So, these are some simple thoughts I’ve had about affiliate marketing. Like I said, I have a strong passion for it and look forward to doing affiliate marketing for many years to come.


Someone who knows a lot about Affiliate Marketing is Michael Cheney.

He is one of the best content creators, product creators, email marketers, promoters, etc. that I’ve ever seen.

He’s well known and very successful.

He’s the kind of marketer that you would do very well to get to know.

I have been extremely pleased to work with him as an affiliate because of this main reason.

He simply delivers what he offers.

And he can help you, if you’d like.

His charter product that I highly recommend is:

The Commission Machine

If you are looking to get started with affiliate marketing, Michael is the man you want to see.

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