5 Tips To Improve Your Affiliate Marketing And Beat The Competition

One of the secrets of successful affiliate marketing is knowing your target audience so well that you can instinctively predict which products they will like and which they will avoid. Getting to this stage requires some effort and research on your part.
As previously discussed in my last article, 7 Steps To Optimize Your Affiliate Marketing, I discussed researching your niche.  But, before you begin your marketing in your preferred niche, you absolutely must learn some important information about your potential customers. New affiliates that are just beginning to get their feet wet often struggle to turn a potentially interested party into a buyer because they don’t know anything about these people. Take a look at these following tips to put yourself in a better position to get more customers.
Have you created a client avatar?
If you are addressing a niche, what kind of individual will you be addressing? If the topic you choose is weight loss for women, what age group are your female readers? Is she a mother or single? How much time do you think she will have per day to exercise? Is she a career woman or a housewife?
There are so many questions you need to ask yourself so that you can get a clear picture of who you are addressing. If you are writing for a woman in her fifties, she may be a career woman or a housewife. In most cases, she will not try to lose weight after pregnancy.
In general, she will try to lose weight with gentler exercise programs like Pilates or yoga. So you can skip hard interval exercise programs and focus more on promoting yoga DVDs, yoga mats, etc.
Even if some questions overlap and you don’t need to get too specific, you need to have a general idea of the kind of person with whom you are communicating. Then you can alter your communication such that you better connect with your audience.
Where does your audience spend their time?
Locating your target audience is what you’ll need to do next. Searching in the types of forums where they hang out can yield a ton of information about the niche and the gaps that the market is not filling. Then fill those gaps and take advantage of what others have missed and use it as your angle.
Knowing where your audience is will also help you make decisions about future traffic generation.
What are your problems?
Some areas where your audience spends their time will often have questions and issues posed by those in need of help. Here you’ll find a virtual goldmine of information.
Determine the types of problems your market has and take the time to address them effectively. Search and find the answers to their problems and effectively deliver those answers to them in the form of a product. You’ll get lots more sales and a very loyal audience.
What products will help them?
Very often, in your research, you will see similar products that have helped people with their problems, and some other products that have helped not so much. Learn from this process and promote the popular products and avoid the clunkers.
Are there any other problems they might have?
Some niches can be connected without you even realizing it. For example, the man who wants to lose weight and get torn up can do so to attract more women. He will probably also be interested in guides that show him how to pick up women, etc.
The dating industry is quite popular and delivers lots and lots of sales on the internet. You could try an experiment and promote a simple dating guide to see how it converts for you. If it is well received, you can begin to scale your marketing of that niche. If it doesn’t, pick a new area and move on.
These are some great tips that can help you get to become more knowledgable about affiliate marketing, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. Some advanced concepts are using paid media to customize your audience more and learn extremely useful information that can help you determine some other areas to help those customers.

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