Facebook Traffic

Traffic from Facebook is some of the most sought after traffic on all of the internet.

Most marketers understand the power of Facebook and how the platform influences so much of the day to day lives of individuals.

From Facebook Groups, Fan pages, family and friend interaction, you can’t go wrong in your desire to achieve some market share by using Facebook.

But, the costs of Facebook traffic can be steep, and it often prevents some from using it even though it could be a huge boost to their business.

So, allow me to demonstrate a simple proposal.

If you’ve ever investigated Facebook or Google advertising, you’re probably familiar with the concept of advertising and/or retargeting to a custom audience.

It’s a targeted way to “advertise” an offer to a select audience in a particular niche or group of potential buyers.

However, before you can actually advertise to this group of people on Facebook or Google, you have to obtain access to this “custom audience”.

Many people create their own custom audience through individual efforts which usually requires a time and money investment.

But, once this audience data is acquired, the ability to use retargeting advertising through Facebook or Google is an especially handy tool to get new leads and customers.

With this in mind, I’d like to propose a way to skip the first part of this, and go straight to having the ability to advertise to this group right away.

This will save you time and money.

What you get with this service is the ability to purchase a spot for your Facebook/Google pixel on my landing page to which I’m driving traffic from the “Jobs/Biz Op” niche.

You would then have the opportunity to use this custom audience data in whatever manner you choose.

Your pixel can be placed on my page at a weekly or monthly rate.

I only plan to make this Facebook Traffic service available to about 7 to 10 people at a time, and I expect the slots to go quickly, so be sure to check it out ASAP and jump on board.

Once the spots are gone, I won’t be offering any additional places unless another spot opens up.

You can cancel at any time and your service will be discontinued at the end of the current cycle ie: end of the week(7 days) or end of the month(30 days).

I’m really excited to offer this service to you.

It’s really hard to find good traffic from a trustworthy source these days, and with this service, you can be sure you will be reaching real people with a true, targeted interest.

Develop a relationship with these leads and you’ve got a winning customer base for life.

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